Pair Up and Workout!

The team series for 2018 has been completed. Congratulations to the winners in each division!

New this Spring! Crosstown Throwdown is hosting an online team competition!  Here’s the scoop on the 2018 Crosstown Throwdown Team Series:

  • Online Competition
  • Mixed Pairs Only (One Male, One Female)
  • Four Divisions Including Scaled and Masters
  • Three Workouts Performed Together as a Team
  • May 16-21, 2018
  • Prizes for Top Teams in Each Division
  • Registration Fee $30 per Person ($60 per Team)

What is it?  Pair up (one male and one female), workout together, enter your scores online, and see how you stack up!  Three partner workouts (performed together) will be released in a live announcement on Wednesday, May 16th at 6 pm Mountain Time.  Teams will have until Monday, May 21st at 5 pm Mountain Time to complete the workouts and submit their scores.  That’s five full days to complete the three workouts.  The workouts may be performed as many times as you’d like and in any order.

Divisions.  The competition will offer the following divisions:

  • Open (All Ages)
  • Open Scaled (All Ages)
  • Masters 40-50
  • Masters 51+

If two people of different age groups pair up, they will be in the most competitive age group.  For example, if two athletes aged 40 and 61 team up, they’ll compete in the Masters 40-50 age group.  If a teenager and a masters athlete team up, they’ll compete in the Open group.  Athletes 40+ may opt to compete in the Open Scaled division rather than their age group.  Weights and/or movements will be modified as appropriate in the Open Scaled and Masters divisions.

Registration.  The Crosstown Throwdown Team Series is partnering with Breeze Scoring for the leaderboard and registration.  Click HERE to sign up.  You’ll need a team name, a single contact e-mail address, and a single payment method for the registration fee.  The registration fee is $60 per team.  Individuals may not be on more than one team.  Please note registration fees are nonrefundable for any reason after announcement of the workouts on May 16th.

There’s Prize Money!  Total purse will depend on the number of participants.  E-gift cards from Rogue Fitness will be awarded to the top teams in the Open, Masters 40-50, and Masters 51+ divisions.  No prizes will be awarded in the Open Scaled division.

You must have a judge count your reps and verify that all standards of movement are met.  We’ll provide printable scorecards when the workouts are announced.

Please Note:  In order to claim any prize, teams must provide upon request a video record of all three workouts.  Videos must include each athlete on the team.  If requested, these videos must be submitted even if the workouts were completed at an affiliate with a registered judge.  All teams are advised to record and retain a video of all three workouts should these be required by CrossFit Station.  All prizes are subject to applicable taxes and withholding, and prize winner compliance with an agreement to CrossFit Station prize affidavit.

So, grab a partner, get signed up, and join the fun on May 16-21!

Please contact us at if you have any questions!