2018 Online Workout #2

Click HERE for a printable copy of the workout description and scorecard.

For time with a 15-minute time cap:

35 calorie row buy-in

10 rounds of the following:

5 bar-facing burpees

3 cleans

35 calorie row buy-out

Clean Weights:

Open Rx & 35-39 (men/women): 185/125

40s (men/women): 155/105

50s (men/women): 115/80

60+ (men/women): 115/75

Teens (men/women): 115/75

Open Scaled (men/women): 115/80

Equipment needed:  Concept2 indoor rowing machine, 20kg/15kg barbell for men/women loaded with full-size bumper plates to the required weight for your division.

Standards of Movement:  Reference the most recent CrossFit® Open movement standards for the row, bar-facing burpees, and cleans.  Any out-of-the-ordinary movement or equipment that shortens or changes the accepted range of motion is not allowed.


  • The rower handle must start in the handle hook and the monitor must be set to zero at the beginning of each row; judge or athlete may reset the monitor.
  • Athlete must remain seated on the rower until monitor reads 35 calories.
  • One calorie equals one rep.

Bar-Facing Burpee:

  • Burpee must be performed perpendicular to and facing the barbell; athlete’s head may not be over the barbell at the bottom of the burpee. Chest and thighs must touch the ground.  Barbell must be loaded with standard-size bumper plates.
  • Athletes must jump up/back with feet together on the burpees EXCEPT Open Scaled and 60+ age group participants may opt to step up/back.
  • A two-foot take-off and landing are required on the jump over the barbell EXCEPT Open Scaled and 60+ age group participants may opt to step over or use a single-leg jump over the barbell.


  • Cleans are “any way” (muscle, power, squat, split, etc.) as long as the rep begins with the barbell on the ground (no bouncing) and ends with the barbell in the front rack position, elbows in front of the bar, hips and knees fully extended, and feet in line.

Judge/Scoring:  You must have a judge count your reps and verify that all standards of movement are met.  Your score is the time it takes you to complete (the 35 calorie row buy in, 10 rounds, 35 calorie row buy out) all reps.  There is a 15-minute time cap on this workout.  If you do not complete all of the reps within the time cap, your score is the time cap plus one second per rep not completed within the time cap.