2018 Online Workout #3

Click HERE for a printable copy of the workout description and scorecard.

7 Minute AMRAP of

3 Dumbbell Clusters

3 Pull-Ups (see specifications for each division below)

6 Dumbbell Clusters

6 Pull-Ups

9 Dumbbell Clusters

9 Pull-ups

Continue in this manner, increasing 3 reps each round until time cap is reached.

Dumbbell Weights:

Open Rx, 35-39, 40s (men/women):  50/35 lb dumbbells

50s, 60+, Teens, Open Scaled:  35/25 lb dumbbells


Open Rx, 35-39, 40s:  Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

50s, Teens:  Chin-over-Bar Pull-Ups

60+, Open Scaled:  Jumping Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

Equipment needed:  Two dumbbells of required weight, pull-up bar.

Standards of Movement:  Reference the most recent CrossFit® Open movement standards for the chest-to-bar, chin-over-bar, and jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups.  The dumbbell clusters are a squat clean from the floor into a thruster.  One head of both dumbbells must touch the ground at the start of every rep.  Full depth must be reached in the squat with the hip crease below the level of the knee.  Arms must reach full extension overhead on the thruster with the dumbbells in line with the body.  Any out-of-the-ordinary movement or equipment that shortens or changes the accepted range of motion is not allowed.

Judge/Scoring:  You must have a judge count your reps and verify that all standards of movement are met.  Your score is the number of reps you successfully complete in 7 minutes.