Online Competition



Follow the instructions below to submit your score for a workout.  Be sure to read and complete all steps!

Submit your score by logging into your breeze scoring account:

The online qualifier will consist of three workouts announced over a period of three consecutive weeks beginning July 13, 2018.  Each workout will be announced on a Friday morning, with scores due by the following Wednesday at 5 pm Mountain Time.  Late scores will NOT be accepted. (In very rare instances there may be exceptions allowed by event organizers).

The 3-week online competition will be followed by a “live event” at CrossFit Station in Eagle, Idaho on Saturday, August 11th. **

Here’s the tentative break-down of number of athletes who will advance to the live event. (Please note: these total numbers may be adjusted based on the number of registrants in each division.)

  • Men/Women Open Rx – 15 each
  • Men/Women Open Scaled – 15 each
  • Boys/Girls Teens 13-18 – 5 each
  • Men/Women Masters 35-39 – 10 each
  • Men/Women Masters 40-49 – 10 each
  • Men/Women Masters 50-59 – 5 each
  • Men/Women Masters 60+ – 5 each

If you are in the running to qualify for the live event, we may require that you videotape your performance in the third and final online workout.  Video standards will be similar to those for the CrossFit Open.

** Please note, if you participate in the online competition, you are NOT guaranteed a spot at the live event.